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This site was created in 2010 as a playground for sharing articles around the subject of optimizing websites for search engines. My plan was to adapt the attitude of a beginner, and to share articles of other people rather than getting into “teaching mode” and write my own. Well, a lot has happened since 2010, and amazing work got in the way of maintaining this site. However, it has always had a special place in my heart and I knew that I would revisit and create a resource to help you practice search engine optimization at some point in time. That time has now come.

What can you get out of this site?
Whether you are a seasoned SEO professional or just starting out in the world of search engine marketing, I will try my level best to give something to all of you. SEO is a profession that requires constant learning and fresh inspiration every day. While I have spent many years and countless $ on studying and – above all – practicing SEO, free advice on the web has helped me tremendously in many circumstances. As a way of expressing my gratitude, I dedicate this site to everyone who has walked the path before me and who – knowingly or unknowingly – helped me develop the right attitude. In my experience (I started SEO in 2004), it is attitude that matters more than tricks and techniques. If your attitude is right, it is easy to pick up the best technical way to implement things.

Like most people, I started out helping small businesses mostly, typically ecommerce sites selling a few dozen products. Starting with ecommerce has helped me make the connection between helping websites perform well in search, and making the website owners money. Rankings are only a means to an end, and in the case of ecommerce this becomes apparent very quickly: does a #1 position help the site owner sell more products? If the answer is yes, you have accomplished your goal and done your duty. You feel fulfilled and good about getting paid for your work. If it doesn’t, you have to improve your understanding of the business model and come up with alternatives – be it targeting different keywords or changing other parts of the equation.

So, in answer to the above question: I am sharing articles that I feel add to developing the right attitude towards SEO. I encourage you to discuss experiences and think about ideas and concepts around technical SEO and web content.

About me

Jonathan Schikowski

Jonathan Schikowski

I am an SEO student and practicioner, and I feel that you can never know enough. That’s why I maintain this little site during my free time, mainly as notes to myself and to practice writing. By referring to articles others have written, my intent is not to steal their hard work. I try to comprehend what they wrote and summarize it in my own words in order to memorize it better. I always give credit to the original author. However, in case you feel that I violate anyone’s rights, please leave a comment below or get in touch via Twitter or Google+, and I’ll be sure to respond and take appropriate action.

This site is about Onpage SEO, which deals with technical aspects of websites and with content. If you care about Offpage SEO (aka what others say about your business online), check out my site at www.offpageseo.org.

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